Lest it be thought the Young Stationers don't get out enough, an intrepid party recently voyaged to Kent, to visit the Kent Messenger Group and its executive chair, Court Assistant Geraldine Allinson.   The KM Group was abuzz in anticipation of the release of ABC readership statistics, which were expected to show the group's local newspapers throughout Kent were actually gaining readers!  (Partly through a sterling product, and in part through the withdrawal from several markets of their historic competition, which has closed some of its local newspapers, and moved others into a free advertiser format.)

Touring through the newsroom, the Young Stationers saw first-hand the battle to keep local journalism alive – hearing a political editor talk of his beat holding the Kent County Council and local police to account, work it's unlikely the nationals would do.  The sales staff told of challenges presented by print adverts selling for more than online ones – and using a combination of online and relationship-tending tools to bring in pennies in a tight market.

The visit jogged along into the broadcast booth beside the drive-time DJ, with Young Stationers there for the playing of the mysterious 'Kent Sound' and witnessing how playlists are drawn up, and music downloaded from labels—all concluding with pizza and wine with their charming host in a nearby restaurant, to mark Italian elections day.

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