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 What is it?

The Young Stationers’ Prize is awarded, annually, to a young person who, in the opinion of the judges, has achieved great success in their career; made an outstanding contribution to the sector in which they are working; or achieved success outside their immediate world of work in interesting ways which are relevant to the ethos and trades of the Stationers’ Company.

Past winners of The Young Stationers’ Prize have been Ian Buckley of Prima Software, Ella Kahn and Bryony Woods, founders of Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency (seen in the photo above); Angela Clarke, novelist, playwright, and columnist; and Katie Glass, of the Sunday Times. Proxime accesserunt prizes have been awarded to Laura Summers, Rosamund Urwin, Nicholas Coveney and Andrew Barker.

Who should apply?

Nominations from all of the Stationers’ Trades are eligible, including but by not limited to: printing, packaging, publishing, digital media, journalism, libraries, archives and copyright.

Anyone can apply, or be nominated for The Young Stationers’ Prize – candidates who nominate themselves, or who are not already members of the Stationers’ Company will not be at a disadvantage.

To qualify for the prize, nominees should be under the age of 40 and able to demonstrate an interest in the activities of the Company, and have the attributes relevant to membership.

How does it work?

The Judging Panel is chaired by Professor Tim Connell.  Professor Connell is a Court Assistant of the Stationers' Company and Professor Emeritus at City, University of London. A Fellow of Gresham College he sits on the Academic Board and is also Chair of the Gresham Society, which aims to support the work of the College.

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers has very kindly donated the Prize trophy, to reflect the close ties between the Pewterers and the Stationers. The names of each year’s prizewinners are engraved on the trophy. A book prize is presented if the judges choose to award a ​proxime accessit ​or ​accesserunt.

The prize is presented at the Young Stationers’ Annual Dinner in Stationers' Hall, in July each year and we particularly encourage all prize applicants to attend, together with family or colleagues. When tickets go on sale they are available via the Stationers’ Events page

How to apply?

Candidates or nominators can submit any supporting materials or specimens of work which they believe will strengthen their application, as a minimum, each application should include: a brief CV; a short statement by the nominator (or personal statement); and least one additional letter of reference

Applications may be sent by e­mail to ys@stationers.org, or by post to Young Stationers’ Prize, c/o Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London EC4M 7DD.  The closing date is usally in mid June each year but specific details will be announced when the call for entries  is made.  If sending by post, please consider also sending us email notification so as to avoid disappointment.




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