The Stationers' Company supports three Saturday Schools run by Civitas Schools. The schools focus on inspirational teachers and traditional teaching methods to enable children to read fluently, spell accurately, know their times tables and do long division.


The Stationers’ Foundation funds three Saturday Schools for disadvantaged children in London. The classes aim to help primary school children reach their full academic potential and open up opportunities to give the children a better future. These children’s families cannot afford expensive private tutors to supplement their education and, as a result, many are falling behind. Based in the heart of communities, experienced teachers deliver traditional lessons in English and maths to children in makeshift classrooms.


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The Stationers’ Foundation Schools are three of a network of nineteen supplementary schools across the country which are organised and managed by Civitas and all of which aim to encourage disadvantaged children to be high-achievers, to reach their full academic potential and to open up new opportunities to them. The first of the Stationers’ Saturday Schools opened in September 2009 on an estate near King’s Cross Station. The second Stationers’ Saturday School opened in September 2010 in the Kilburn area. Fifty children attend the Stationers’ classes.  The third Stationers' Saturday School opened in September 2013 at Somers Town.

The Stationers’ Foundation pupils have made remarkable progress in their academic skills.

At the beginning of every year, Civitas gauges students’ reading ability using the respected Holborn Reading Test. The results allow teachers to make informed decisions when arranging classes according to ability level, rather than age or school year.

Testing in September 2010 showed that the pupils at the Stationers’ School at King’s Cross increased their reading age by an average of 15 months over the course of the 2009/10 academic year. We also see outstanding success stories for individual children.

Eight-year old Shakil started the 2009 academic year significantly behind the expected reading ability for his age. However, over the course of the academic year, he improved his reading age by an outstanding 22 months after attending every session! His progress has also transformed his attitude towards learning. He is much more enthusiastic and seems much happier to be working than at the start of the year.


Visits and Contact Information

Members of the Stationers’ Company are welcome to visit one of the Stationers’ Schools.  For more information about the classes or to arrange a visit, please contact Justine Brian, Director of Civitas Schools, or Christopher Jolly of the Stationers’ Foundation.  The project website can be found at

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