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POS artwork for National Stationery Week is now ready and available online, free of charge, for ALL retailers to download and benefit from this year’s consumer campaign in April.

The January shout was made in the office at Stationers Hall:

1st   Prize Patrick Shorten
2nd  Prize John Akers
3rd   Prize Patricia Batley
4th   Prize Joanna Stapleton
5th   Prize Denise McKeough

Members will want to congratulate Freeman Ella Kahn and Nick Coveney (who was a runner up in the 2015 Young Stationers' Prize). They are two of the winners of this year’s Trailblazer Awards alongside Clio Cornish and George Burgess.

CDi Yorkshire are running their annual Visual Media Conference in Leeds on Tuesday, 22 March.

Shakespeare, music, food, drink, fancy dress, erudition, acting, laughter and friends all in one place at one time? It could only be the Livery Committee's themed dinner at Stationers' Hall on Tuesday, 16 February 2016. As the photos (click here to see them all) show this was a hugely enjoyable event and there will be full coverage

This was a fascinating event and Liveryman Doug Wills reports as follows:

THE DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP FORUM ON: How mobile technology is affecting the trades of the Company

Monday, 15 February 2016

There is no better measurement for a successful forum than seeing the audience queuing up to talk to the panel… especially as this was an hour after the formal discussions had ended.

Congratulations to the three new Liverymen who were cloathed in the Court Meeting this week. 

The Cakes and Ale lunch for Ash Wednesday went down extremely well with Members. The Master made a delightful speech and presented the Clerk with a hot cross bun!

Printweek reads, "After 60 years in the industry Tony Hards is about to take a back seat at the firm he built up with long-time business partner Bryan Godwyn".

The 2016 Inter-Livery Swimathon is drawing closer and our team of six need all the support they can get from fellow stationers'!

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