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The September "Shout" was taken at the Livery Dinner.

1st   Prize Donald G Trelford
2nd  Prize Victor Adshead
3rd   Prize Janet Attwood
4th   Prize Mr D. Meldram
5th   Prize Mr C T Rivington


Next week 3/4 October two liverymen will be cycling 120 miles from London to Amesterdam to raise funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

A message from Heath:

Stationers' Hall took part in Open House Londonfor the first time on Sunday, 20 September. There was a wonderful turnout with over 1,400 people visiting the hall. A huge thank you to all those that worked hard to make the day a success! 



Stationers' Hall opened its doors this week to show wedding couples the City's best kept secret. The event was a success, floods of people came through the doors to view our historical wedding venue and to meet the onsite team. Couples, families and friends were invited to an exclusive opportunity. 

Here are some pictures of the event live in action.

The August "Shout" was taken at the LMS Float’s 1st Rehearsal and sign up at Stationers Hall.

1st   Prize Ludlow Books 
2nd  Prize Clive Taylor
3rd   Prize Malcolm Gill 
4th   Prize Kenneth Wilson-Beales
5th   Prize James Ryman 

Members will be happy to know that the Packaging Drivers - from now until 2025 event which was held this morning was a great success. The Master set the scene for the discussion at the beginning of the event and we had great guest speakers including the senior principal of Pöyry Management, David Powlson.


(From left to right: Three course lunch, the Master opening the event)

On Monday, 14 September we invited members and non-members to join our DMG event: ‘Tomorrow, Today.' How Technology is Changing our World, in association with the Marketors' Company and the Information Technologists' Company.

Congratulations to the seven new freeman who attended their Freedom ceremony today. Welcome to the company: 

Lord Best, the new chairman of the Communications Committee, will be coming to speak to the Young Stationers on Monday, 12 October.

Last week members of The Stationers' Hall team participated in a Medevac training day which was centred around how to manipulate the stair climber and safety procedures that need to be used. They are now fully qualified in enabling disabled access into the hall. Here are some pictures of them enjoying the day!

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