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Before the Livery Lunch today, 2 March 2015, the Master presided over a special Master and Wardens' meeting the purpose of which was to bring into the Freedom three new members. 

On Saturday,  28 March Kingston University is running a course/conference aimed at anyone planning to make content available to a wider readership. Right now the publishing landscape is awash with 


change. Publishers are buying less, and more cautiously, and self-publishing is now an established and effective option for managing the route from writer to reader. However they plan to reach their market, authors need to embrace new ways of thinking and working; choices have to be made. To this end Kingston University Department for Journalism and Publishing has gathered a significant panel of thinkers and practitioners from around the publishing industry to address the issues. Freeman Dr Alison Baverstock has arranged for Stationers to be able to attend at a cost of £90 (instead of £130).  To find the full details of the conference, the speakers  and how to book  plus receive this discount please click here to go through to the Notice Board area of this website.  You will need to be logged in as a member.

Liveryman Robert McClements has invited any member of the Stationers' Company to attend, as his guest,  the Visual Media Conference on 31 March at the Rose Bowl in Leeds. It will be of


particular interest to printers and the CDI sector. Anyone wanting to accept this kind invitation will find full directions on the Members Only section of the website, here. Tickets are limited so please register by 13 March 2015.


Congratulations to Freeman Dr Alison Baverstock. The 5th edition of her book How to Market Books (the 1st edition appeared 30 years ago!) was published by Routledge on 18 February and


members of the Stationers' Company can benefit from a 20% discount via the Members' Notice Board by  clicking here. Alison, who is Associate Professor, Department of Journalism and Publishing and University Civic Engagement Co-ordinator at Kingston University, says "as we all know, there has been a huge amount of change in the publishing industry of late, and so updating the book has been a massive challenge". Judging by the comments and reviews on the Routledge website she has more than met that challenge!  

One of the clauses in Magna Carta says "The city of London shall enjoy all its ancient liberties and free customs...”  This probably had more to do with commerce than with letting one's medieval hair down but on Tuesday, 24 February Stationers' Hall saw Stationers and their guests do just that! It all started with readings and poems provided by the Deputy Clerk, Tim Connell and Vanessa Kramer. There was a fabulous banquet including fillet of wild boar, and musical entertainment by Caliban's Dream (see image above by Sophia Panteli) with Steve Tyler on hurdy gurdy, gothic harp, cittern and percussion; Katy Marchant on bagpipes, shawm, recorders and voice, and Tim Garside on percussion and voice, so things continued with a swing. 


There was a fight -carefully choreographed! (Image by Sophia Panteli) and David Abel performed magic at the tables.  All in all it was a wonderful evening.

This month's (February) "shout" was taken at the  Cakes & Ale Lunch at Stationers' Hall

1st prize  - Reginald Eccles 
2nd prize - Albert Morgan
3rd prize  - Robert Sanger 
4th prize  - Stanley Vaughan 
5th prize  - Moira Smith 

Good news from Court Assistant Robert Flather wearing his Kolbus hat.  Kolbus have purchased the intellectual rights to the Timson T-Fold high speed digital folder and details about this deal  can be read here in a Press Release issued on 19 February 2015.  Jo Francis of PrintWeek interviewed Robert this morning, Friday, 20 February, and her report can be seen by clicking here

Rosie Henry, an MA Publishing student at City University London and a Stationers' Bursary Recipient attended and really enjoyed James Duckenfield's  thought-provoking DMG presentation on the Paperless Office last Monday (photo by Sophie Miller). Rosie will be reporting on the evening in the May edition of Stationers' News and says "These events give me, and my fellow students, the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with like-minded people and to network with individuals across the industry. After such an insightful event, I, along with my peers, am certainly very excited about upcoming events, the next two in particular: ‘DMG Roundtable, Facebook’ and ‘DMG Roundtable, Amazon’"

The good news is that booking for both these events is now available online. Book for the Facebook event here and  book for the Amazon event here.  


After a wonderful brunch of pancakes in the office, provided by Chester Boyd, the Clerk and the Communications Manager set off to Guildhall to support the Master and Paddy Belton (representing the Young Stationers) in a pancake race. This annual event is overseen by the Worshipful Company of Poulters and takes place in the courtyard of Guildhall. At the start of the proceedings a list of competing livery companies and organisations was read out. For some reason the Tax Advisers got an especially rousing welcome! Our Master was in the first heat and Paddy in the second which he won! Having heard the list of competitors your photographer decided, having got the snaps above (and given the temperature, it was sunny but bitterly cold), to retreat to Stationers' Hall and post this despatch. No doubt the race results will become available in due course and we will let you know how the Stationers' pancake racers did overall. In the image above you can see from right to left the Master and Paddy, the Master practising flipping his pancake before the race, Paddy waiting for his race to start and Paddy running so fast that he was almost out of shot before the camera could take the snap!

Last night saw some 130 people fill the Hall for a New Members ‘Evening which included the Royal Marine Cadet Awards (see previous news item) and went on to welcome both recent new Freemen and Liverymen and those who were considering membership. After the Master's welcome the other speakers were (from L to R in the compilation of images) Court Assistant Trevor Fenwick in his capacity as Chairman of the Membership Development Committee and then Tristen Hinds and Ian Buckley both of Prima Software. They spoke of how much they had enjoyed their first few months as Freemen. It was apparent that they really had sampled all aspects of Company life from making use of the Hall for a product launch to attending DMG roundtables and enjoying the Livery Committee's more social events. It was good to see a number of bursary recipients who were made free last October at the event with colleagues. This was good for two reasons; firstly for them to have colleagues indicates that they have successfully entered the world of work and have found roles in the Communications and Content industries and secondly it demonstrated that the Company does have, and is continuing to improve its, relevance to younger people. A good number of application packs were taken away and more have been requested today so all in all it was a very positive event. Photos by Sophia Panteli.

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