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John Buffoni, Liveryman of Stationers' Hall writes of the triumphant event 'Yorkshire Day' in his report which follows. In the photo you can see Charles Jarrold addressing the delegates.


The July  "Shout" was taken at the Committee meeting for the Lord Mayor's Show 2015 Float held in the Clerk's office at Stationers' Hall.

1st Prize Gerard Connolly 
2nd Prize David Hobbs 
3rd prize Katherine van Tulleken 
4th Prize Gordon Robson 
5th Prize Shelia Needham 

The building team at Stationers’ is hard at work today as they are revamping the exterior of the hall. Work will be done to improve plumbing and stop further wet patches coming through the front walls. This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time and we are looking forward to seeing the finished results soon. Other refurbishments include repairs to the stone work, improvements

builders smiling

to the hall lighting and shiny new door knobs!

Last night saw the last big Company event at the Hall before the close-down for summer works.  The Court met at 4.00 pm and at 6.00 pm four new Liverymen were cloathed.  They were, from left to right in the image Mahmoud Warriah, CEO of Linden Business Development, Paul and Serena Musgrove both of Corporate Member, Nectere, and Lord Black of Brentwood, Executive Director at the Telegraph Media Group.  There are several married couples in the membership but this is the first time we can recall a married couple being cloathed at the same time and certainly it was the first (of many we hope) occurrence of our female Master cloathing a female "brother". Congratulations to them all. 

As Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Euromonitor Inc, Court Assistant Trevor Fenwick deserves our congratulations on the company coming top of a list of Britain's best employers for work-life balance. The

Many congratulations to Angela Clarke, author of Confessions of a Fashionista who was named as the Young Stationers' 2015 Prize Winner last night at a ceremony at Stationers' Hall. She is seen here

Our thanks to Krishan Thaper and Jed Camara who many of you will have spotted lugging cameras around at recent events.  Their company, Future Productions Films Ltd, is responsible for the three professional video clips now to be found on the website not least of which is this one which covers the installation ceremonies after Common Hall on 7 July.  


A panel of four superb speakers presided over a gathering, which was at times fairly sombre, in Stationers' Hall  last night and elaborated on the challenges mentioned in the title of the event. Not one of the speakers was totally despondent and they all injected humour and their passion for their market into what they had to say. Martin Wilde of Martin Wilde Associates, gave some great statistics from research carried out this summer and due to be published in the autumn. For example 45% of 400 B2B Office Product Buyers had all bought office products from Amazon! This in itself was cause for the one of the sombre moments. Simon Drakeford, CEO of Corporate Member Euroffice, followed on and emphasised that service was, and would continue to be, one of the things which attracted, kept or lost customers. Steve Bilton, CEO of FusionPLUS Data, a division of  Evolution Software, said there was still room for the smaller independent dealers and Steve Haworth, Group Sales and Marketing Director from Corporate Member Evo, ended his fascinating presentation by urging everyone not to panic! From left to right in the image you can see, seated behind the table,  Martin Wilde, Simon Drakeford, Steve Bilton, Steve Haworth, and  Liveryman Gordon Christiansen who had organised the evening and Tony Mash, Chairman of the Industry Committee at the lectern.

The Master officiated at her first Freedom ceremony today and welcomed the following into the Company: (From L to R in the photo) John Livingston, Director of Don Ruffles Ltd, Dominic Vaughan, CEO of Hymns Ancient and Modern, Susan Ford, UK Representative for Sigel GMBH, Dr John Buchanan, a retired packaging expert and Luke Chapman,CEO of The Business Performance Group.  We look forward to seeing them all at the Hall at events in the future.

Paul, who is a Partner at Goodman Derrick was listed as a Star Writer on intellectual property in the issue of The Lawyer dated 22 June where he wrote about the Intellectual Property Act of 2014.  Paul has kindly agreed that we may reproduce the article as a Thought Piece and you can access it by clicking here

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