The Library is a Registered Charity administered by Trustees, the Master and Wardens of the Company for the time being.


The Company's Library consists mostly of modern books relating to the Company and the book trade, but also contains a number of historical works, including a run of almanacs published by the Company between 1620 and 1910. The almanacs and other core texts are available for consultation in the Archive Reading Room.

Further information on the history of the Company and its records can be found in the following publications (copies of which are held in the Archive Reading Room):

  • The Stationers' Company: A History, 1403-1959 by Cyprian Blagden (London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1960)
  • The Stationers' Company: A History of the Later Years, 1800-2000, edited by Robin Myers (London: Worshipful Company of Stationers & Newspaper Makers, 2001)
  • The Stationers' Company Archive: An Account of the Records, 1554-1984 by Robin Myers (Winchester: St Paul's Bibliographies, 1990).  Contains a glossary of terms connected with the customs and government of the Stationers’ Company
  • Stationers' Company Apprentices, 1605-1800 (in three volumes: 1605-1640, 1641-1700 and 1701-1800) edited by D.F. McKenzie (Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1961; Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1974 and 1978)


The Company's historic records date from 1554 to the present day.  Consulted by scholars since the mid-eighteenth century they are a key archival source for the history of the English book trade and the development of copyright.  They include a small collection of family papers belonging to former members of the Company, such as the Tottell papers (1448-1714) and the Baskett papers (1740s-1840s).

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