Over its six hundred years the Company has reflected English society and much of its iconography is therefore deeply religious. The Hall played a specific role in the translation of the Bible from Latin to English. It should be no surprise therefore that there are religious references throughout the Hall. Today, again mirroring society, the Company does not focus on any one religion and is happy to have members of all persuasions and none!

Over the years the Stationers’ Company has invited 27 people who have contributed significantly to the communications and content industries to become Honorary Freemen and Liverymen of the Company.


Flashes and Flames, Colin Morrison reports:

Stories about the reinvention of daily newspaper companies are often not what they seem. They tend to involve traditional media groups not so much investing in the future of news as placing their bets somewhere else entirely.

There is no doubt that mobile has become a huge platform for consumers to view content. Over 90% of consumers now view their mobile as a channel for streaming information, it is no longer just an electronic device. So what has changed?

Canard-Duchêne Brut NV Champagne

Canard Duchêne Champagne

It is said that in France every 15 seconds one of these bottles is opened! The wine has rich creamy, biscuity aromas and on the palate is bursting with summer fruits and citrus. The Company serves it at receptions, but it also goes particularly well with seafood such as oysters and sushi. 

david bowie

So farewell David Bowie; global superstar, rock icon, writer, singer, actor, artist, the very personification of cool, my hero and very astute businessman.

Businessman? Well he’s left £135 million and a back catalogue which will deliver a very healthy living to those astute enough to have invested in ‘Brand Bowie’. You may not have 10% of his talent, I know I haven’t, but there is much we can all learn from him and here are six things that I’ve picked out.

1. The key to career longevity is relevance.

reports without borders thoughtpieceA recent report by Reporters Without Borders (RWB) has announced that 110 journalists have been killed in 2015. The figure below shows where in the world they were killed, Syria and Iraq being two of the most dangerous countries. It also shows how many people were knowingly targeted which totals to an astonishing 67/110 reporters. This totals to 787 journalists being killed since 2005.

david langdown

David Langdown, co-founder of Focus7 International, gives us 4 leadership lessons we can learn from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

A Focus7 International Ltd blog

This year, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history. Filled with patriotism, we decided to take a closer look at her time as Queen and see what it is that makes her such a wonderful leader and icon to so many people around the world.

Colin Morrison

Preston, is a little-known northern British city with an illustrious past in the country’s 19th century industrial revolution, and a football team whose best days were more than 60 years ago. It was at the heart of a world-beating textile industry, was Charles Dickens’ smokey location for “Hard Times”, and – 200 years ago – was the first town outside London to have gas lighting.


Following on from my piece in Print Week...

Recently Jo Francis asked me my thoughts on robotics following on from a BBC series on intelligent machines.  You can see the original article here:

Iqraa Hassan – invited me to expand on the theme:

As early as 2000 I had installed robotic systems like the one below into factories at St Ives and before that we had significant investment in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)– which were basically un-manned fork trucks that ran on a track in the floor.


(Image courtesy of Rima System)

So robotics is not necessarily new, what is exciting however is that technology today is getting much more sophisticated and less expensive. So that in the future they will be easily justifiable.

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