reports without borders thoughtpieceA recent report by Reporters Without Borders (RWB) has announced that 110 journalists have been killed in 2015. The figure below shows where in the world they were killed, Syria and Iraq being two of the most dangerous countries. It also shows how many people were knowingly targeted which totals to an astonishing 67/110 reporters. This totals to 787 journalists being killed since 2005.

RWB targets journalism graph

The report goes into detail about the major events that occurred in 2015 including the ‘Attack on Charlie Hebdo’ and the ‘Shocking massacre of bloggers in Bangladesh’. 207 journalists were also shown to be held hostage or detained, the most being in 9 different countries. 

RWB hostages journalism graph

Press Gazette states that RWB's secretary-general Christophe Deloire said: "The creation of a specific mechanism for enforcing international law on the protection of journalists is absolutely essential.

“Non-state groups perpetrate targeted atrocities while too many governments do not comply with their obligations under international law. The 110 journalists killed this year need a response that matches the emergency. A special representative of the United Nations secretary-general for the safety of journalists must be appointed without delay.”

RWB continues its efforts to suggest ways in which the UN can improve the mechanisms for protecting journalists throughout the world and the full report can be viewed here.

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