It's impossible to un-ring a bell, yet over recent months both sides of this EU Referendum have said things which many would hope could be un-said.

What has particularly struck me in all of this is the

selective deafness to the nastiness, exaggerations or outright lies when they were used to support 'our side' of the argument. While conversely, the vehemence of righteous indignation and condemnation when they came from 'the other side'.

Fortunately, all the negativity we've heard about through the campaigns is actually the minority, and the vast majority of both content and supporters have promoted a positive message of their vision of the future. What's sad is that this negativity is what the media - and social media - choose to highlight, exaggerating and blowing it out of all proportion. And it is this lack of perspective which has been polarising, not just this debate, but people's views and society more broadly.

Now that the campaign is over, and we have exercised our democratic and social right (responsibility, even) to cast our vote for one side or the other, let's remember that we remain the same 64 million of us living in, and calling the UK home. All of us wanting our country to continue develop and grow in ways which benefit both society overall and ourselves individually. Yes, we have different views on how that can best be achieved, and those views may well be strongly held.

So can I make one request; for all that the referendum has highlighted the 'in-fighting' within political parties during this Referendum, could we please instead focus on the way in which it brought people together? Labour working with Tories, and even Ukip to support Leave; or the SNP working with their Westminster nemeses to support Remaining a part of the EU. All for their own reasons and priorities, but (temporarily) putting aside those differences to pursue a common objective.

All too often in the cut-and-thrust of political debate we forget that those things which join us are far greater than those which divide. Let this be the lesson of our Referendum; we can work together as a nation. And god knows we're going to need it whichever way today's vote goes!

Written by Dominic Graham De Montrose, Go To Market Strategy and Operations Manager at Deloitte UK

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