Christopher Leonard-Morgan writes: Don't write handwriting off yet! It is ironic that the personal stationery market is enjoying a resurgence at the same time that such great strides are being made on the technology front, but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

This kind of thing often happens when 'old' industries are under threat from new ones, although in this case there is another powerful consideration to be taken into account and that is quite simply the human factor.

The written word and the ability to write matter, and are more important than ever. Above all else, writing by hand is personal and most people aren't yet ready for everything to become impersonal, however much more efficient it may appear to be. People like receiving letters and cards.

It is also an inescapable truth that everyone loves stationery. If I could have a pound ( or Euro or dollar ) for every time I hear or read someone say how much they love stationery, I would be a wealthy man!

I had the pleasure recently of meeting the delightful Jane Asher, and it was the first thing she said to me when she knew what I did. Other well known stationery fans include comedian Sarah Millican, George Clooney, Joanna Lumley, actress Patsy Kensit, ITV presenter Julie Etchingham, magazine Editors Michelle Ogundehin and Dylan Jones....the list goes on.

As we ready for next month's London Stationery Show and National Stationery Week's Get Britain Writing campaign, all eyes are on the many new and increasingly stylish products which will be able to be seen at the show.

Stationery and pen sales today are driven as much by fashion, style and colour as need and the growth of the home office, which is great news for the industry. It really is where fashion meets function, and it doesn't get any better than that.

Chris Leonard-Morgan is the organiser of the London Stationery Show and National Stationery Week.

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